LBOH Brings It’s
Artistry to Cirque

Little Box of Hope is back on the road! Montreal, Russia, Amsterdam, Kansas City, Connecticut, and Miami… and the list is only growing. Dancing, music, filming, and training often turn into fun projects or collaborations with other artists. You can expect a full album of new music as a result, and much more!

Being a Lead Female in “ID”, I’m constantly creating with artists and I’ve had the honor to build within several vignettes. As always when working with talented individuals, juggling between talent circles is explosive and productive.

Goals for this tour are to continue connecting with the community of each city visited with Cirque Eloize, creating with people, making music, making pieces, receiving the beauty/culture each place has to offer, being there to inspire and be inspired.

1090940_10152508296147689_5734608111744265050_ocirque-eloize-id-12 Cirque 090815 JAT 087F

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